Flexible plans to suit your needs.




*100GB of allowance can be used towards China playback. Overages apply thereafter. Please contact us if you require additional bandwidth for this territory.

What happens if I exceed my allowance?

Your videos just keep on playing. You simply pay competitive rates for any additional bandwidth you use.

Bandwidth overage rates are:

Standard Playback



China Playback



If you exceed your allowance regularly contact us to discuss your bandwidth needs. We'll find a plan that's right for you. We offer high volume pricing for accounts over 4TB.

Flexible Bandwidth Pack

Buy a Flexible Bandwidth Pack if you know your views will rise and fall throughout the year. Use your bandwidth as you wish across the course of the year, without any monthly restrictions. You can even carry over some of your unused bandwidth into a new contract. Contact us to find out more.

Full Feature List







Billed Annually

Your card will be charged annually


Save $50


Save $500


Save $1000

Billed Monthly

Your card will be charged monthly





The total monthly amount of data transmitted each time your video is played. Calculated by multiplying the amount of plays, by the size of the videos.

250 GB

1000 GB

4 TB


The total amount of video data your account can hold. E.g. If you have 100GB of storage, you're able to store 50 videos of 2GB each.

250 GB

1000 GB

2 TB

Video limit

The total number of videos you can upload to your vzaar account.





The number of sub-users who can have login access to your account.




Email support

Get an email response to any of your questions within 1 business day.

Live chat

Access live support via the chat box on any vzaar.com page. Available 9am GMT - 6pm PST.

Telephone support

Get an immediate, personal response from our video experts via telephone. Available 9am GMT - 6pm PST.

Customer success manager

Get your own personal video expert to monitor your account & ensure you hit your goals.

Domain control

Secure your videos by locking the embed code to your domain.

Advanced embed security

Set an expiry time for your embed code to prevent it being used elsewhere.

Encrypted playback

Prevent unauthorized downloads of your videos.

Password protection

Control who watches your content.

Video scheduling

Choose a time window in which your video will be visible to your viewers.

Player API

Add interactive elements to your video such as chapters, quizzes & more! The Javascript API allows you to control the behaviour of the player using JavaScript.

Developer API

Build applications around our video platform.

Migration assistance

No need to manually upload your videos. We will transfer your videos onto vzaar for you.

Video analytics

Understand which are your most popular videos with detailed play and impression data.

Video advertising

Monetize your views and add pre, mid & post roll adverts to your videos.

Mail catcher

Add an email capture form to the beginning, middle or end of your videos.

White label embed codes

Brand your video right down to its embed code. Any mention of vzaar will be removed.


Group and present a series of videos around a common topic or theme.

Customizable video player

Create and brand your own custom video player.

Multi language subtitles

Add subtitles to your videos to reach audiences across the globe.


Keep your audience up to date with all your latest company news.

Standard playback

If you exceed your monthly bandwidth, the amount you’ll pay for any additional bandwidth you use.



China playback

Reach viewers in China. Servers in Beijing ensure quick video playback.


Additional domains

Lock your videos down so they play across all of your domains (but nowhere else!)

Additional seats

For large teams, add extra users to your account to help collaborate on and manage your video campaigns.

Additional storage

If you need extra storage in your vzaar account contact us to discuss your requirements.

Flexible bandwidth pack

Use your bandwidth as you wish across the course of the year, without any monthly restrictions.

Selectable renditions

Encode different quality versions of your video for playback in up to 4K HD quality.




Do not encode - source

Use to create an unencoded rendition to match the bitrate of your original (source) video file.

Ultra low definition

Best for slow Internet connections (e.g. 2G/EDGE cell phone signal). Videos will load quickly on older generation smartphones.

Low definition

Use for slower Internet connections (e.g. 3G/HSDPA cell phone signal). Videos will load quickly, but with less clarity than SD or HD renditions.

SD - low

Helps to reduce buffering on inconsistent Internet connections (e.g. shared wifi).

SD - high

Suitable for a global audience. Videos load quickly for the vast majority of Internet connections and devices.

HD - 720p

Ideal for fast Internet connections (e.g. 4G cell phone signal). The perfect balance of quality and bandwidth.

HD - 1080p

Ideal for fast Internet connections (e.g. 4G cell phone signal). Use where video quality is a top priority.

Ultra-HD - 2.5k

Twice the quality of Full HD, but without the full bandwidth requirements of UHD. Great where you want a fantastic quality output but still keep a handle on file size.

Ultra-HD - 4k

Perfect for very fast Internet connections (e.g. high speed broadband). Delivers top quality video on high resolution screens (e.g. 4K televisions).

Pricing FAQ

What do I get with my free trial?

Full access to:

  • — Unlimited Features
  • — 10 GB Bandwidth

There’s no need to choose a plan right now and we won’t take your credit card details. You can take care of all that later, once you’ve seen what vzaar can do for your business.

What if I go over my bandwidth?

Your videos will keep on playing, we’ll simply bill you for any extra bandwidth you use at the end of the month.

The bandwidth overage rates are:

  • — $0.50/GB for standard playback
  • — $1.00/GB for In China Playback

Can I purchase more than 5TB?

Yes. Contact us if you need more than 5TB of bandwidth and we will design a custom plan for you.

What is the price for storage overages?

Storage overages cost $0.50/GB.

Can I have features that aren't included in my plan?

vzaar offers two different sets of features, Core and Premium. If you are using Core features and would like to access Premium you will need to upgrade your plan. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth is the total monthly amount of data transmitted each time your video is played. It is calculated by multiplying the amount of plays by the size of the videos. Use our bandwidth calculator to work out how much bandwidth you need, or get in touch and we will estimate this for you.

Is there a long term contract?

That's up to you. You can pay on a monthly or annual basis, but we do give annual subscribers 2 months free in return for committing to a full year of service.