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YouTube worked as a content delivery network for a while, but we have outgrown it. Now that we have better control over content, customers get to experience all that content in the best possible way. It has helped us from an SEO standpoint as well as having more detailed information available at our fingertips.

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  • Commercial Video Hosting
    Your videos play, but do they work? With vzaar’s commercial video hosting service you’ll be able to track, manage and deliver on your commercial goals.

  • Add Video to Your Website
    Make sure your content works for you. Embedding video on your website will ensure you drive traffic straight to your site - and nowhere else.

  • Play Anywhere
    Don't spend time worrying about whether your video plays on all browsers, operating systems & devices. Trust us, it does. We handle all the technical details so that no matter where your views come from, your message is clear.

  • The Tools You Need
    vzaar gives you complete control over your vide content. Built for business tools mean you can create a video strategy that works for you.

  • Your Video Player. How You Want It
    vzaar’s video player is completely customizable. Add your brand colors & logo, make your video shareable, add subtitles and more!

what sets vzaar apart?

We'd been treated really badly by our previous hosting company but our relationship with vzaar has always been plain sailing.

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vzaar video hosting is secure, reliable and affordable. Our support team works around the clock to make sure you can achieve your business goals. See how we compare to:

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