vzaar Online Video Platform

Captivate your audience. Increase video ROI. Top quality playback anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Wow viewers with super smooth video playback, in up to ultra HD 4K quality.

vzaar’s online video platform gives your viewers top quality video playback. Multi bitrate encoding teamed with adaptive streaming ensures incredibly smooth playback, at the highest possible quality.

Reach every screen

No stuttering on slow connections. Amazingly sharp quality on hi-res screens. Adaptive streaming automatically detects your viewer’s bandwidth & device and delivers the best quality video for them.

Take Total Control Of Your Video Encoding

Choose from a range of low, standard & high definition video encodes. Whichever your audience needs! Our multi bitrate video encoding system gives you multiple renditions for each video you upload.

Save your encoding preferences

Create recipes to save your encoding preferences so you can select the same bitrates for future videos. Set up as many recipes as you like & our easy-to-use interface guides you through it in a couple of minutes.


Find out why developers love our API.

All the benefits of our online video platform: multi bitrate, adaptive streaming & quality playback, integrated into your own system. Quick setup, comprehensive documentation, personal support whenever you need. It’s so good we use it ourselves!

Developer Libraries For


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Email me when ready

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Upload Big Video Files, Worry Free

Wave goodbye to upload failures.

Got big videos? vzaar’s online video platform is ideal for you. Our Gigaloader reliably uploads your content, even on flaky connections. You can even pause & resume uploads when you’re on the move.

The best quality viewing experience. The most affordable price point.

Flexible plans to suit your needs. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.




*100GB of allowance can be used towards China playback. Overages apply thereafter. Please contact us if you require additional bandwidth for this territory.