Secure your videos

You want your videos to be available to course subscribers
Only course subscribers.

It was essential that people could only access the video material if they signed up to the course and vzaar supported us in this, offering a number of alternative security strategies.

Simon Harper
Simon Harper Warwick Business School

Domain Control

Make sure your videos only play on your own site. If anyone tries to embed on a different site, all viewers will see is an error message.

HTTPS Embed Codes

If visitors have to login to see your video you probably have a https website. You need https embed codes for smooth play back.

RTMPe Streaming

Prevents unauthorized downloads by encrypting your video stream.

we needed a solution which provided high quality video securely. With vzaar's RTMPe streaming combined with HD encoding we get the quality our members require as well as the most secure form of streaming.

Marc Teer
Marc Teer Founder of Black Spectacles

Videos That Play. Anywhere. On Any Device

reach students all over the world

Reliable streaming is a must for companies like ours with students all over the world. We also needed mobile video delivery because our customers are students and are not always near a desktop or laptop.

Dr Najeeb
Zeeshan Najeeb Dr Najeeb Lectures
In the US 50% use mobile devices to access the Internet
Western Europe eLearning market to reach $8.1 billion by 2016
In India 49% never use desktops to access the Internet
Asian eLearning market will reach $11.5 billion by 2016
In Asia 50% never use desktops to access the Internet
Vietnam and Malaysia have the fastest growing eLearning market


Access points around the globe mean that wherever your audience are located your video will reach them

4K video

Super smooth video playback, in up to 4K UHD quality. Adaptive streaming means no stuttering on slow connections with amazingly sharp quality on hi-res screens.


Don’t let the language barrier get in the way. Upload multiple language subtitles so viewers in every location can understand your video.

HTML5 Support

Vzaar HTML5 player makes sure videos play on mobiles and tablets, as well as desktop.

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Videos That Work With Your Students

Your information should be quick and easy to access

Ed chapter

Video chapters

Add interactive elements to your video. The Javascript API allows you to control the behaviour of the player.

Our jQuery Library on GitHub gives you all the code you need to...

  • Create cue points so the web page displays different messages at different points in the video. Great for adding quiz questions or extra tips and advice.
  • If you've got long videos creating video bookmarks and chapters will make the content extra easy to access for your audience.

Personal support from video experts

In whichever way works best for you

We are theater people, not an IT department. Grappling with issues like multi-bitrate streams, Flash versus HTTP, device issues just wasn’t going to work for us.

Alan Rudt
Alan Rudt ImprovEducation

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