Quick and easy to upload your videos online

  • Bulk uploading Simplify the upload process and upload up to 10 videos all at once.
  • API Integrate our video platform into your own web application by using our developer API.
  • Dropbox Uploader Ideal for busy days when you need to upload and go. Add the videos to Dropbox and we'll handle the rest.
Home upload player

Create a custom video player to fit your brand

  • Customizable Video Player Make sure the video player fits in with the rest of your website for a beautiful design that integrates seamlessly.
  • Multi-Language Subtitles Reach audiences across the globe by adding multi language subtitles to your videos.
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Make sure your video plays anywhere. On any device.

  • HTML5 Support Reach the growing mobile audience and make sure videos play on web, tablet and mobile. We automatically detect and deliver your videos over HTML5 when needed.
  • JavaScript API Add interactive elements to your video. The Javascript API allows you to control the behaviour of the player.
  • Dual Encoding Gives your customers the optimal viewing experience no matter what the speed of their internet connection.
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Secure your video. protect your content.

  • Privacy Control Turn privacy on and only you can see your video on vzaar. Alternatively, make your video public, allowing users to view it on vzaar.
  • Domain Control Secure your videos by locking the embed code to your domain. Videos play on your site. And only your site.
  • RTMPe Ideal for keeping videos secure. Encrypted video stream prevents unauthorised downloads.
  • HTTPS Embed Code If you require visitors to access your website via a login portal you probably have a HTTPS site. Your video embed code needs to be HTTPS too otherwise your video isn't secure and may be blocked.
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Attract visitors. Convert leads. Promote your brand.

  • Video SEO Get video results in Google and drive extra traffic to your site. vzaar allows you to create your own video sitemaps so you can optimize search results for the most clicks and improve your video SEO.
  • Branded Video Drive brand awareness with your video by adding your logo and link to your page.
  • End Screen Text Use a call to action at the end of your video to see conversion rates soar. End screen text is a great way to get your message across.
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Get started with powerful features in just a few clicks

  • Easy-to-Use Interface Manage, track, and deliver video content on your website from one slick, powerful, yet easy-to-use, interface. Browse through your videos, check the latest view counts, add a new feature to your player, and much more.
  • Replace Replace an existing video on your website without needing to re-embed. Particularly useful if you've made a mistake, or need to refresh existing content.
  • Multi-User Account Makes team collaboration simple and lets agencies easily manage clients. Create additional users with access to your account and control who manages what.
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